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Portland Oregon Roof Cleaning

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Portland Oregon Roof Cleaning by JNR Industries

JNR Industries has been cleaning roofs and gutters for over 15 years.  We have the knowledge and training to tackle any roof you need cleaned.  In addition to moss removal we also offer gutter and downspout cleaning as well.  For a free estimate call or email us today.

With the wet climate here in the Northwest, it is crucial that you remove the moss from your roof. We use safe and effective brushing tools to remove the moss followed by a roof-gutter cleaning and finally zinc sulfate treatment to keep it from growing back for years. It's best to take care of a moss problem early as moss can turn composition into soft dirt like substance and destroy it.            

. . . Reasons to remove moss from your roof. . .

- Moss removal will help you maximize the life of your roof.
- Moss removal will improve the look of your roof.
- Moss removal from your roof is often required by the insurance companies and home inspectors when selling your house.
- Moss removal will help you sell quicker and possibly get more money for your house by making it more appealing to buyers.

Gutter Filters and Gutter Guards in Portland

There are a lot of gutter systems out there that just don’t work.  We have narrowed it down to 2 systems that keep debris (even pine needles) out and let water in! Gutter Filters and the Rainflow gutter guards are much more effective in keeping debris out of your gutters; they are a double ply system that allows only water in. Call for a free estimate.  Gutters that are full of debris are very likely to pull out in sections causing water to dry rot the fascia boards and beams. If you install gutter filters on your Northwest home, you are much more likely to prevent that issue from occurring. Don’t go another northwest rainy season without them.

Portland Oregon roof cleaning worker on the roof doing moss removal

Get your gutters and downspouts ready for the fall and winter!

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